New Publication (June 2019): ‘All We Do is “Stalking”: Studying New Forms of Reading in Social Networks’

READ-IT team member Dr Alessio Antonini (The Open University) and Associate Partner Dr Gustavo Gomez Mejia (Université François Rabelais, Tours) have a new peer-reviewed workshop article – ‘All We Do is “Stalking”: Studying New Forms of Reading in Social Networks’. This article provides an outline of an emerging reading practice – reading as stalking – with aims which range from the ludic to the professional. The authors address the vernacular use of the term on social media and highlight the role of social networks in promoting this practice while creating a context of risk related to exposure and social implications of stalking. The article has been accepted at the prestigious conference HyperText 2019 and will be presented at Hof, Germany in September. The paper will be available in September as part of the conference proceedings.

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