READ-IT related seminar: ‘Everyday practices of print vs. digital reading’, 4.02.2019

READ-IT WP4 researcher and COST E-READ (Action 1404) member Dr Anezka Kuzmicova (Stockholm University) gave a seminar paper, ‘It depends: everyday practices of print vs. digital reading’ on 4 February 2019 (5.30pm) at the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

READ-IT researcher Dr Francesca Benatti with her colleague Dr Edmund King are currently co-running this seminar series on ‘Digital Books, Digital Readers’ in 2019. The seminar series is run jointly by two research collaborations at The Open University: Digital Humanities, and The History of Books and Reading (HOBAR). Details of the seminar can be found on the Institute of English Studies webpage. All seminars are free to the public and take place at the Institute of English Studies, Senate House, London.

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