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The Intelligent Systems and Data Science team carries out research in a variety of areas relevant to the development of user-centric, intelligent, data-intensive solutions, including Data Science, Semantic Web Technologies, Visual Analytics, Robotics, Large-Scale Data Infrastructures, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction. Application domains include Smart Cities, Scholarly Data and Digital Humanities.

Our research is characterised by an emphasis on developing concrete solutions for concrete user audiences, while at the same time ensuring problems are approached by means of a broad socio-technological perspective. In addition, we also believe that most interesting problems can only be addressed through interdisciplinary approaches, hence our solutions tend to integrate different classes of computational methods, such as augmenting scalable data mining techniques with semantic technologies and background knowledge to improve both system performance and explainability.

Recent highlights comprise our work on the MK:Smart and MK:5G projects, which includes the development of the MK:Insight portal and the MK Data Hub infrastructure; our ongoing collaboration with Springer Nature on decision support tools for the academic publishing industry; our work on ‘robots in smart cities’ in the context of the SciRoc and Gatekeeper projects, and our collaborations with social scientists and musicologists to support and improve research methods in the Humanities.

In addition to our core R&D work, we are also closely engaged with the wider business community both in Milton Keynes and the wider SEMLEP region and indeed we consider innovation support a key aspect of our mission. In particular, we ran CityLabs, an innovative technology transfer programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which enabled SMEs in our region (South East Midlands) to take advantage of our expertise in Intelligent Systems and Data Science to develop innovative products and services for the digital economy.


ISDS Team at Semantics 2021

ISDS Team at Semantics 2021

Last week saw the latest edition of the Semantics series of conferences, Semantics 2021, which took place in Amsterdam, Holland. Since 2005, the Semantics conferences provide the main European...

The Winners of SciRoc 2021 Are Announced!

The Winners of SciRoc 2021 Are Announced!

SciRoc 2021 took place at the historic Palazzo Re Enzo, from Monday 6th – Friday 10th September 2021. 13 international teams joined the competition. Given the restrictions and uncertainty around...

ISDS win at the SciRoc 2021 challenge

Last week, from the 6th to the 10th of September, the 2nd International Smart Cities and Robotics Challenge (SciRoc) was held in Bologna  (Italy) in the historic location of Palazzo Re Enzo. As a...

SciRoc arrives in Bologna

SciRoc arrives in Bologna

SciRoc has officially arrived in Bologna! The competition will take place at Palazzo Re Enzo, in the main square and heart of Bologna. We are busy preparing the venue for our teams and audience...

Stream SciRoc 2021 Live!

Stream SciRoc 2021 Live!

WATCH NOW: Stream the full SciRoc competition live! We have three streams available to cover all Episodes of the competition. Click on any stream below to begin watching: Stream 1: WATCH NOW Stream...

Conference news: “Death and Transmediations: Manuscripts in the Age of Hypertext”

Conference news: “Death and Transmediations: Manuscripts in the Age of Hypertext”

The paper “Death and Transmediations: Manuscripts in the Age of Hypertext” has been accepted, and will be presented at the upcoming ACM HyperText conference (30 August – 2 September 2021). The...

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Simone  Angionis PhotoSimone AngioniVisiting Student
Alessio Antoninis PhotoAlessio AntoniniResearch Associate
Gianluca Bardaros PhotoGianluca BardaroResearch Associate
Jason Carvalhos PhotoJason CarvalhoProject Officer - Data Hub Development
Agnese Chiattis PhotoAgnese ChiattiPhD Research Student
Enrico Dagas PhotoEnrico DagaResearch Fellow
Alba Morales Tirados PhotoAlba Morales TiradoPhD Research Student
Enrico Mottas PhotoEnrico MottaProfessor of Knowledge Technologies
Francesco Osbornes PhotoFrancesco OsborneResearch Fellow
Angelo Salatinos PhotoAngelo SalatinoResearch Associate


Meet HanS: the Health & Safety Robot Inspector

In this video, the Health & Safety robot inspector under development at ISDS, which is called HanS, is navigating KMi searching for a set of relevant everyday objects. The robot’s location...

CityLabs: Video describing the collaboration between My New Term and The Open University

A video produced by the My New Term team describing the collaboration between My New Term and The Open University in the context of the CityLabs innovation...

Meet Hans, the Autonomous Health and Safety Inspector – preliminary demo

An early demo of Hans our robot who is aware of our health and safety guidelines and is able to navigate the lab, checking that these are enforced. In this early demo Hans goes around KMi spotting...

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