How to find listening experiences in books? The LED Project at the DARIAH EU annual event.

Last week, DARIAH EU

The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the arts and humanities. Last week, Enrico Daga joined digital humanities researchers and practitioners at the DARIAH annual event 2019 in Warsaw and reported on the latest achievements of the LED Project.

The Listening Experience Database Project (LED) is an initiative aimed at collecting accounts of people’s private experiences of listening to music. Since 2012, the LED community explored a wide variety of sources, collecting over 10.000 unique experiences. Dr Enrico Daga participated at the DARIAH Annual Event presenting the work done for supporting users on finding evidence of listening experiences in books. The presentation, held within the “” session, covered the approach that guided the development of a system that traverses the content of digitised texts in search for passages remarking a description of a musical event – an account of an experience of listening to music. Several approaches have been investigated and compared spanning from Statistical NLP, Machine Learning techniques, and Semantic Web technologies. The best performing method has been used to develop a novel tool to support curators in discovering new listening experiences. FindLEr analyses the content of books for relevant paragraphs systematically, thus reducing significantly the effort required for finding candidate listening experiences.

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