CityLabs Technical Workshop – Developing IoT solutions with the SigFox Network

The first CityLabs Technical workshop – Developing IoT solutions with the SigFox Network – organised with the collaboration of WND UK, took place the 30th and 31st of January at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University.

Places in the KMi Podium were fully occupied for this two-day workshop centred on understanding how to develop a product based on low-powered sensors exploiting the SigFox Network infrastructure.
In the first day, WND UK, which is leading the development of SigFox in the United Kingdom, presented the design and motivation behind the IoT network enabling a wide range of opportunities for new services and products based on small-sized, portable sensors benefiting from the growing coverage such network in the UK and Europe.

During the second day tutorials and hands-on sessions allowed the participants to engage with the stack of technologies in the ecosystem and acquire an understanding of how to technically set up an end-to-end use case. This activity covered the design of the device, the connection to the SigFox network and the analysis of the data through the MK Data Hub.

The event was a great opportunity for SMEs to verify their product proposition with the features offered by the SigFox network, but also to engage with the CityLabs technical support team and the MK Data Hub.

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