Linked Data Tutorial @ DH2019

“Linked Data for the Humanities: methods and techniques” is the title of the tutorial on foundational Semantic technologies held in Utrecht, last 8th July, in the context of the Digital Humanities (DH2019) conference organised by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).

The half-day Tutorial, organised by Enrico Daga in collaboration with Aldo Gangemi (University of Bologna),
had the objectives to present the theoretical and technical foundations of Linked Data and introduce basic methods for data production and publishing to students, researchers, and practitioners in the field of Digital Humanities.
Enrico showcased a set of pragmatic tasks for working with Linked Data, spanning from basic techniques to innovative, hybrid methods for combining data with texts.
The “special guest” Albert Meroño-Peñuela (Free University of Amsterdam) explained the possibilities of working with musical content and linked data, presenting the MIDI Linked Data cloud.

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