Techminer Architecture.

Techminer Architecture.

TechMiner is a novel approach, which combines natural language processing, machine learning and semantic technologies, for mining technologies from research publications and generating an OWL ontology describing their relationships with other research entities. The resulting knowledge base can support tasks such as: richer semantic search, richer expert search, monitoring the emergence and impact of new technologies, studying the scholarly dynamics associated with the emergence of new technologies, and others.

TechMiner takes as input the titles and the abstracts of a set of research papers and a variety of knowledge bases (DBpedia, WordNet, the Computer Science Ontology, and others) and returns an OWL ontology describing a number of technologies and their related research entities. These include: 1) the authors who most published on it, 2) related research areas, 3) the publications in which they appear, and, optionally, 4) the team of authors who introduced the technology and 5) the URI of the related DBpedia entity.

Relevant papers:


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