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Agnese’s presentation at KR 2020 tops the charts

The 17th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2020) was held virtually on September 12-18. This year, a special track was devoted to research contributions at the intersection of Knowledge Representation and Robotics. 25% of the submissions to this special track were accepted as full papers. Agnese Chiatti, together with supervisors […]

CityLabs: Video describing the collaboration between My New Term and The Open University

A video produced by the My New Term team describing the collaboration between My New Term and The Open University in the context of the CityLabs innovation programme.

Meet Hans, the Autonomous Health and Safety Inspector – preliminary demo

An early demo of Hans our robot who is aware of our health and safety guidelines and is able to navigate the lab, checking that these are enforced. In this early demo Hans goes around KMi spotting portable heaters identified through VR codes.  

Eduvocation scales up thanks to CityLABS collaboration

Eduvocation scales up thanks to CityLABS collaboration. The CityLABS technical support team led by Dr Enrico Daga contributed to the development of a geospatial navigation of job adverts, released on October 2018. After that, the user based increased significantly, 10 times as much in applications, 5 times as much in users. Eduvocation reported a growth […]

Discovering new concepts for enhancing the Designing Buildings Wiki

The Designing Buildings Wiki ( is an online Wiki publicly accessible by the general public and maintained by Designing Buildings Ltd. It contains over 7500 articles and concepts related to building construction, civil and structural engineering, architecture, policies, legislation and much more.By leveraging state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, the CityLABS […]

CityLabs Collaborations: IoT and Blockchain trial to guarantee transparency and accountability in regulatory compliance

In November 2018, CityLabs and Akeman Solutions successfully began trialling IoT and Blockchain technologies to support the development of the Hygieneat smartphone app. The trial takes place in one of the restaurants located in the Open University (OU) campus in Milton Keynes. In particular, researchers in the Intelligent Systems and Data Science (ISDS) group at […]

Biztech BrightSparc Awards

The CityLabs team have so far connected with over 70 SMEs in the region and provided valuable business and technical support, as well as forming research collaborations. Across all categories of awards, SMEs who have engaged with CityLABS were well represented. The CityLabs Innovation Award was won by LivingWell at Home. Emma Luddington and the […]

Geospatial exploration of job adverts with an innovative platform for teachers’ recruiting in SEMLEP

CityLABS celebrates the launch of a “new to the market” feature on the Eduvocation platform dedicated to job advertising and brokering in education. From their website: “MyNewTerm is the leading jobs platform for all teaching jobs, school support vacancies and education roles across Central Bedfordshire, Luton and Bedford.“ The CityLABS team supported Eduvocation on […]

CityLabs Technical Workshop – Developing IoT solutions with the SigFox Network

The first CityLabs Technical workshop – Developing IoT solutions with the SigFox Network – organised with the collaboration of WND UK, took place the 30th and 31st of January at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University. Places in the KMi Podium were fully occupied for this two-day workshop centred on understanding how to […]

CityLabs – Supporting high growth entrepreneurs

In November CityLabs team Cathy Tate, Alan Fletcher and Ian Pulford were asked to present CityLabs at the Barclays High Growth and Entrepreneur dinner at Stadium MK.  Barclays are building a network of SME and entrepreneur support nationally and are keen to engage with CityLabs as a networking partner. The team managed a presentation in […]